Friday, April 4, 2014

House of DIFFA Masquerade Ball

I had the opportunity to attend House of DIFFA's masquerade ball last Saturday.  I can wrap the whole evening up in one word - WOW!!!!  My date for the night was Oh So Cynthia blogger Cynthia Smoot.  We had such a blast checking out all of the amazing outfits and masks.  DIFFA really does bring out the best and most creative folks in Dallas and this year, it did not disappoint.

Most importantly though, we were there to raise funds for organizations that aid the fight against HIV/AIDS.  And the folks of Dallas did so fabulously!

Photo: Bob Manzano

Photo: Sylvia Elzafon, Culture Map Dallas

What I didn't post from last week on The Broadcast...

I swear I'm gonna try to do better.

NFLer David Nelson and his brother stopped by the show to talk about their foundation I'm Me ( and all the great work they do in Haiti.  We had a great time at Tahari last Thursday night fundraising for the charity.

Lucky me - the same day these good looking guys were on the show, we had two other very special guests in studio...

Brenda Strong from Dallas (and Desperate Housewives):

And Olympic medalist Jordan Malone:

I had to quickly rush out of the studio to interview Draft Day's Tom Welling (aka Super Man from Smallville), but before that I had to take a selfie with our guest host Marcus Spears:

We had another exciting show last Friday - we were talking Final Four with Rolando Blackman.  Gina Miller guest-hosted that day.

After the show, Amy and I drove over to Pollo Tropical for a surfing competition.  We both designated charities - Amy was surfing for Wounded Warriors and I designated the Autism Treatment Center.  Earlier in the week, we had a segment on the show.  Amy kicked my butt... live on the air.

But when it counted, I stayed on the board a bit longer than Amy.  The good news - Pollo Tropical donated $1,000 to both of our charities. 

The Next Chapter

I was sitting at a red light driving home from my law office one day when I had an epiphany - I needed to leave my firm.  The work wasn't hard.  Overall, I was happy.  The job was flexible enough to allow me to pursue other passions like The Broadcast.  It's virtually impossible to find that flexibility at a law firm.  Unless it's your own...

So, after much thought and contemplation, I decided to part ways with the firm with the intention of setting up my own practice by year's end.  In the meantime, I'll focus on The Broadcast and will work on (FINALLY) writing my first book.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Today on The Broadcast...

We had some great segments.  The fabulous Gina Miller filled in for Courtney day.  A highlight today was interviewing former Olympian Kevin Pearce about traumatic brain injuries.  And it's not a good day on the show without some cocktails...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Today on The Broadcast!!!

We had such a phenomenal show!  Nancy Lieberman joined us in studio to discuss March Madness and her upcoming gala.

And Amy and I got a preview of Pollo Tropical's Robosurfer.  Amy and I will be competing in a surfing contest for charity this Friday at noon at the restaurant's grand opening in Addison.  I feel like I'm about a foot taller than Amy - her lower center of gravity may give her an advantage!

I also had the pleasure of interviewing songstress Ayla Brown - I am a fan!  And to cap off the day, we chatted about an upcoming event benefiting Helping Restore Ability - I'll be hosting their fundraiser in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!

And don't forget to check out to check out today's segments!

A day of celebrations...

It's our anniversary!!!!!  13 years and going strong!

And my nephew... my little nephew... is 17.  Happy birthday Corey!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Must be pageant time!!!!

Big hair, big earrings, lots of makeup, and I'm starving... Mrs. Texas is less than a month away!

It's #TBT!!!!

That's throwback Thursday - and here's a pic of me and my little sister Andrea...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frozen came out on DVD yesterday...

And for the Frozen-obsessed little girl (and her mom) who saw the movie three times in theaters, this is what sheer joy looks like...


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bucket List Interview Today on The Broadcast!!!

About a month ago, I learned that Misty Copeland was coming to Dallas for a book signing.  "Who is Misty Copeland?" you ask?  Well, she's only the third-ever African American solo ballerinas for the American Ballet Theatre - the first in twenty years.  I came to "know" Misty (if you will) on social media - she's always posting amazing pics on Instagram (@mistyonpointe).  But behind all of those spectacular pictures, she's got an incredible story about overcoming adversity.  Her book "Life in Motion: an Unlikely Ballerina" tells the story of how she grew up poor in Los Angeles with five siblings in a single-parent home.  She took her first ballet class at 13 and was on pointe three months later!  She clearly has a God-given talent, but her ability to persevere makes her even more beautiful and endearing.  Check out the book and our interview on The Broadcast today.

Part I of the Interview:

Part II of the Interview:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Did you check out the Oscars last night?!?!?

The Oscars was good this year... not too many disappointments in terms of winners.  I would've loved to have seen Michael Fassbender win the best supporting actor award though.  His performance in 12 Years a Slave was chilling.  But I'm very happy that the film won the top honor.

But, enough with all of that... let's talk fashion.

The Goods...

The Bads...

The after party YESES...

And NOS...

By far the most epic moment of the evening was the Oscar selfie... I was so glad to be a part of it...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Savoring the little things...

I'm not often home in time for school pick up - but I was today.  I enjoyed following this little one home...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Week-And-A-Half's Worth of The Broadcast!

I'm busy... so busy that I forget to blog sometimes.  Or, I remember but by the time I get home in the evening, I'm just too tired to fire up the computer and tell you how awesome (or not) my day.  So here goes the recap of my latest stint on The Broadcast.

A couple weeks right after I got back from Super Bowl festivities in NYC, I filled in for co-host Courtney Kerr who made her way to the big apple for NYFW.  The most notable part of that week was the snow in Dallas one day.  Here's a "snelfie" I took before the show that morning (get it - a snow selfie)...

I slipped on some ice that day and tweaked my back.  I spent the rest of the week on pain mains while trying to function.  That was tough, but I managed.  Thanks to Macy's for outfitting the cast that week.

On Friday the 7th, we all wore red for women's heart disease awareness day.  This is an issue near and dear to my heart.  I've said it before - I see a cardiologist once a year because heart disease runs in my family.  I'm glad we represented that day!  A show highlight - I got to interview Kiefer Sutherland about his new movie Pompeii.  WINNING!  And my co-host Lisa Piniero and I noshed on one of our favorite heart-healthy snacks.  If you haven't tried the truffle salt Live Love Pop popcorn, you're missing out!


This past week was my regular week on the show so Suzie Humphreys was out of town.  And with Courtney still in New York for fashion week, we filled her chair with guest hosts the rest of the week.  Let me tell you - we had a blast.  It was probably one of the best weeks of the show.  Had to start each day with a morning cup o' joe, but the guest hosts made getting up early every day so worth it!  

First up was my boy Jackson of Fluent Dallas.  You'll recognize Jackson as one of our Weekend Insiders on the show.  He was a natural hosting and so much fun!  Make sure you check out his concierge service at

Even though it was cold and drizzly that morning, a true highlight was getting to play in this bad boy.  We did a segment on the upcoming Dallas Auto Show and they brought this Rolls Royce and a Maserati out for us to preview.  The Rolls was amazing.  There are lights on the ceiling that look like stars.  And the umbrella in the body of the car came in handy.  Of course, this car is a little bit out of my price range - it costs nearly as much as my house!

And Tuesday's show, well... it was one of the BEST EVER!  Comedian Paul Varghese was our guest co-host and he was an absolute hoot!  We started the show with an interview with NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin.  He was really happy with the interview and told me I did I great job.  Sweet!  Then the show just got better.  We played a trivia game with the Chippendales hunks.  Yeah, tough day at the office...

On Wednesday's show, one of our favorite chef's hosted with his.  If you don't know Tre Wilcox, you're missing out.  I've known Tre for a while - I was a fan when he was on Top Chef, so when he opened up a restaurant right here in Dallas a couple of years ago, I was there!  Tre now does private cooking classes - I can't wait to get in on one of those.  His laugh is infectious and he was so much fun!  He was all ready for us to demonstrate that couples yoga move below.  I was in that dress and having none of it!  Unfortunately, he didn't cook for us since he was in host-mode.

We finished out the week with one of my favorite morning DJs - DeDe Maguire from K104.  And on Friday, singer Sara Hickman filled in.

I hope you're tuning into the show.  We are Monday - Friday from 9-11am and 4-6pm on KTXD in Texas.  During the show, you can also livestream us on the web at  You can also check out clips from the segments on the website.  I'm so glad it's my off week - lots of legal work to catch up on and pageant prep to get into (oh yeah - that bad boy is in like TWO MONTHS).