Friday, June 29, 2007

Getting ready for our Los Angeles visit

We're leaving on Monday to spend a week visiting family and friends in sunny Los Angeles. My godmother Jill is getting married next Saturday (7-7-07) in Westlake so we decided to take advantage and spend the whole week in L.A. just chillin'.

My family is a hoot. You haven't experienced a 4th of July get-together until you've kicked it with my fam. I guarantee you there will non-stop laughs and fun.

Of course, our trips are always filled with some unknowns - How will Will do on the plane? How will he adjust to being around a bunch of new people and being in a new environment? Traveling always presents some unique challenges for us, but we manage.

The biggest challenge of the trip will be staying at my mom's house. She's had several remodeling jobs going on for well over a year. She could be the poster child for what not to do when remodeling one's house. Our entire home remodel (4300 sq. ft.) will most likely be complete before hers. Her kitchen remodel, that was supposed to take three weeks, is nowhere near being done. This means we'll be eating out the entire week. Yikes. I guess I can look on the bright side - that means no cooking for me! And Will doesn't really eat anyway, so I guess I'm cool!

But take note (mom) - don't hire your friend's bootleg son to remodel your house. Those situations rarely go smoothly, and there are way too many conflicts of interest in the event something goes wrong (which is inevitable). It's a lot easier to sue someone you have no personal connections to.

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