Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm the champ!!!!

Yeah, that's right! I'm the champ. I am the reigning Canyon Ranch croquet champ!

I decided to take a workout break this afternoon to play a round of croquet. I've never played before, and I figured I'd better pace myself while I'm here so I can still move in a couple of days, so why not sign up for a little friendly competition? The GM of Canyon Ranch came out and gave the six of us contestants a quick lesson on how to play. The concept seemed easy enough. The group seemed like fun. It was on and crackin'!

I took an early lead right away. But sure enough, there amongst us contestants was the resident bully. This was one of those know-it-all guys who has played plenty croquet in his days. He was going to show the rest of us how it was done. Instead of letting us all just enjoy our game (our first time playing for most of us), he decided he was going to give us a lesson on croquet strategy. He made it a point every time he was up to hit someone's ball out of the way. It was infuriating. And he was so cocky about it. But payback is a (beep) - I relished in those couple of moments where I was able to feed him some of his own medicine and knock one of his balls out the way.

In the end, I was victorious. I finished way ahead of that guy. And it was so funny because you could tell his ego was hurt - he was just devastated. He got beat by a girl who'd never played the game before. Yes. That felt GREAT!!!

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Aris said...

Congratulations on your victory! I'm glad that you were not cocky. People like him need to have his ego bruised! You rock!