Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's not that kind of place!

I've got another ta-ta story for you today.

I was enjoying my delicious lunch this afternoon at Canyon Ranch when this lady, who was trying way too hard to look younger than she really is (bleached hair extensions, totally tan, etc. - it actually aged her) walked into the restaurant with these little itty bitty shorts on and a teeny weeny tank top with no bra on. Now, she's clearly had her breasts surgically enhanced and they were hanging out of this little tank top. It was just so tacky. I looked around and everyone sort of stared at this woman and kind of chuckled as she walked by.

Canyon Ranch is a pretty classy place. Most people walk around in sweaty workout clothes or spa robes. This woman surely commanded the attention she was asking for when she walked through the room, albeit not the kind of attention she wanted. I don't think she cared.

Such a shame - she's a pretty woman too. I bet she looks great in some real clothes. Remember ladies - the more skin showing doesn't necessarily translate into attractiveness and sexiness.

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lizzy43 said...

Your life IS an adventure! Everyday I can't wait to log on and read about your fabulous life.You go to awesome places and you are so pretty. Keep on doing what your doing!!!