Thursday, June 21, 2007

Self-Proclaimed Trophy Wife

Not me!!!!

Back to my homegirl walking through the cafeteria half naked the other day. I got the lowdown on her while talking to a lady on a hike who had lunch with her that day I saw her in the cafeteria. Turns out she's a 40-something self-proclaimed trophy wife married to a gazillionaire thirty years her senior. She has seven-month-old twins at home (in addition to her five other children). Her husband basically told her that she needed to lose ten pounds, so he sent her (and a friend for company) to Canyon Ranch for a couple of weeks. It all made sense - no wonder she tried so hard to look so good. No doubt all that makeup is a cover up for some deeper issues she has going on. I think this is another one of those situations that proves that money doesn't necessarily buy happiness.

I'm back home from Canyon Ranch - and I miss it already. It really is a wonderful place. Ryan and I are already thinking about making plans to visit the Arizona location next winter after the football season is over.

And one last note - R.I.P. to the little birdie I hit on the freeway on my way home today. My bad...

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