Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beyonce bit it!!!

Poor Beyonce - did anyone see the video of her fall during her Orlando concert this week? Beyonce was dancing to "Ring the Alarm" - she was swinging her weave around and gyrating like only Beyonce can do. She turned to walk down some steps when she slid down several of them and then went face first down the rest. But Beyonce is a "Survivor" - she got right back up and started swinging her weave again.

I just want Beyonce to know she shouldn't feel too bad - it happens to the best of us. Like the time when I was in high school cheering on our basketball team when a toe touch went awry and I landed in the bleachers on my backside. Miss USA even busted her butt on national t.v. a couple of months ago when she slipped and fell on her behind during the Miss Universe pageant - ON INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION! Unfortunately for Beyonce, this is the digital age and she was so certain her fall was going to end up on YouTube that she PLEADED with the audience not to post the grainy cellphone videos she knew her audience members were shooting. Her desperate pleas for her dignity weren't heard - the video was everywhere! I even saw the clip on Inside Edition last night.

Beyonce's fall teaches us all a good lesson though - when you stumble, just get back up and swing that weave girlfriend! Be a Survivor, and thank God you won't end up on YouTube!!!

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