Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flying the friendly skies!!!

I know you're all anxiously awaiting to hear about our Nashville trip - I will try to get to that tomorrow. I just wanted to give a quick commentary on our travels.

We flew Southwest to both Los Angeles and Nashville. I wasn't a huge fan of Southwest's boarding policies - I hated that even though I had a group A boarding pass, I felt like I had to sit on the floor and wait with all the other group A psychos to make sure I got to choose just the seat I wanted. But I have to admit, I will go out of my way to fly Southwest in the future because our recent experiences have been so pleasant. While US Airways was cancelling flights left and right last week to the same places we were headed, Southwest was always right on time without cancellations. They are one of very few airlines that still let you pre-board with kids without a bunch of extra drama, and they still serve snacks and peanuts for free. The snacks aren't great, but it's a little added customer service move by Southwest that is greatly appreciated.

I learned a lesson while flying though. Ryan and I won't sit next to each other anymore, and here's why. Ryan's a big dude - at 6'4", his weight fluctuates between 245 - 260 lbs. Then there's me - I weigh a little more than half of what Ryan weighs at his heaviest. Ryan and I were comfortably seated in the emergency row when this rather large gentleman decided to plop down next to me. He was a big dude - well over 300 lbs. If I had to guess, he was knockin' on 400 lbs. So there I was, smushed between these two large men like the filling in an Oreo cookie. I was claustrophobic all of a sudden.

Problem was, this guy wasn't considerate at all that he was infringing on my airplane space. He didn't make any effort whatsoever to maybe keep his elbows in a little tighter or to keep his legs a little closer together. When it was all said and done, he probably took up half of my space. His left leg was underneath the chair in front of ME! I understand that as a big guy, he may already be a little self-conscious about his weight, he may feel bad that he's taking up extra room, etc. But based on his actions, he didn't seem to mind much at all that I was squished. It made the ride very uncomfortable as his thigh was constantly rubbing against mine the entire trip. Ick. Only person's thighs I want to be rubbing up against are Ryan's. LOL.

So, lesson learned. Ryan is either going to sit in the middle seat (which he did yesterday when I asked him - thanks, babe) or we're going to sit in different rows. I'm cool on the Oreo cookie thing.

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