Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's good to be home!!!

I've never been so happy to be back in Buffalo! We had an awesome time in Los Angeles, but our trip was exhausting. You know how it is when you go "home" for a visit - the traveling alone is enough to wear you out, especially when traveling cross country with a toddler. Throw in a dose of family drama, a southern California heat wave and running around visiting family and friends, and I'm ready to hibernate!

I wouldn't have traded my trip for the world though. We had an awesome time. We spent a wonderful 4th of July at granny's house enjoying good food, music and fireworks. This was the first year Will really got the whole fireworks thing, and he loved it!

The highlight of the week though was our Rockstar party. We had such a blast hanging out with everyone. We were able to catch up with friends we hadn't seen in years while kickin' it in the club!

Of course, we were out until 2 a.m. (um, that's 5 a.m. EST) and had to be up four hours later to head to the valley for a 7/7/07 wedding. My godsister Jill got married in a wonderful outdoor ceremony. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful week.

We're off again tomorrow though - Ryan and I are headed to Nashville for the Garth Brooks' Teammates for Kids Foundation appreciation weekend. We've been involved with the foundation for several years now. The foundation benefits a wide array of children's charities. The event will be great! We're going to a barbecue at Garth's barn tomorrow night. How cool is that? I bet it's unlike any barn I've ever seen. On Thursday night Garth will perform for us at the Grand Ole Opry. A bunch of our friends are going to be there so it's sure to be a blast.

My 31st birthday is Friday - that's right - I turn 31 on Friday the 13th. I need to hit up a casino somewhere! I'll post all about my continuing adventures over the weekend!

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