Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh, how I've grown

I have a little bit of a short temper. I'm very impatient, and the smallest things can set me off. It's probably one of my biggest faults.

I've grown over the years though. I've made a cognitive effort to really try to find my "zen zone" in these situations. But some people just make it so darn hard. This evening, I went to a local art supplies store for it's monthly "Midnight Madness" sale to stock up on scrapbooking supplies - everyone else in Buffalo was there too. The lines were all very long and I was fortunate to hop right in front when a young lady opened her register. I had a lot of single sheets of decorative paper - they are a pain to ring up because you have to do them one by one. Sure enough, the girl behind me turned to the people behind her and said "I guess I got in the wrong line." This made me so mad - she said it as if I wasn't even standing there.

See, the Dawn of five years ago would've said something. A few choice cuss words probably would've come out of my mouth while I told this girl off. But not today. I just took a deep breath and kept looking forward. This girl kept talking though. I finally gave her a little glance so as to say "okay, you're pushing me now." I was so proud of myself for not just completely going off though. You've had those moments, haven't you, where you just wanted to give someone a piece of your mind but instead you kept your mouth shut and felt better for it?

I really hope that girl gets stuck in long lines for the rest of the month. She needs to learn a lesson in patience!

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