Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank You Nashville!!!!

Nashville has a new fan.

Ryan and I have been involved with Garth Brooks' Teammates for Kids foundation for several years now. Teammates is an awesome foundation - it triple matches the donations made by professional athletes and 100% of every dollar goes to children's charities. Check out the foundation at Every year, as a "thank you" to the participating athletes, Mr. Brooks hosts an all-star VIP event. The past couple of events have been in Las Vegas, but this year, the foundation mixed it up and hosted the event in Nashville.

We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland which is an incredible hotel. On our first night in town, Mr. Brooks hosted a barbecue in his "barn" at his house. Now, this isn't one of those barns you see crumbling on the side of the road. This place was amazing and huge! We were able to check out Garth's old tour bus, some of his concert sets, his awards, etc. I can't begin to say how cool that was.

The following day, my good friend Ashley took us out for some good ol' Nashville shopping. I am absolutely in love with an area called Green Hills. I could live there. After visiting Tennessee as I child, I swore I'd never go back, but I lied. This community was simply amazing.

That night, we had a really special treat. We sat at tables on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, ate a wonderful dinner, and then enjoyed a wonderful acoustic concert by Garth and his wife Trisha Yearwood. Our friend Ross Tucker had a once-in-a-lifetime experience when Trisha called him up to the stage and asked him to sing with her. Can you even imagine!!!!

But hands down, the highlight of the trip was being able to hang out with our friends we haven't seen in years. A bunch of Ryan's old Buffalo teammates were there. It was like old times. When we were leaving the bar on our last night there, I got a little misty eyed knowing it would be a while before we were all in the same place hanging out again. So we're looking forward to attending the event next year which we think will be back in Vegas. We'll be there!

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J. said...

OK... I confess... I was drawn to your blog because of the Garth connection. And I was pleased to see you enjoyed time in our fair city - and hope you will spread the word that we're not just a bunch of rednecks.

HOWEVER - having read through all your posts, I just wanted to tell you I'm fascinated. Not because I'm a football fan starstruck by your famous husband. (I haven't had any use for the NFL since Emmitt Smith left the Cowboys.) But because you write like a real person. Who knew an NFL wife would be blogging? I love that just like the rest of us, you have to deal with crap like bookcases you can't put together and screaming kids in airports. Just the fact that you fly Southwest tickles me. What?? You don't have access to a private jet 24/7 that serves champagne and caviar?

It's an awesome read, and I hope you keep writing and letting us peek behind the curtains!