Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today's the day...

Ryan's heading off to report to camp later this afternoon. He's going to be gone about 3.5 weeks. It's not a tremendously long time, but it gets tough being a single parent. I stop feeling sorry for myself when I think about military families whose loved ones get shipped off to the Middle East for months, even years. I'll just take things day-by-day.

Here's a little blip Ryan is featured in from the website

Who Will Play H-Back? The tight end situation is a crazy one for the Bills since they are likely to keep four on the roster as they need two that can play the H-Back spot. The team is not carrying any fullbacks because they like the versatility of a tight end to play the H-back. There are three tight ends who fit that role, Ryan Neufeld, Brad Cieslak, and Derek Schouman. Neufeld has played that position in the past and Cieslak saw some time there last year when Neufeld and Daimon Shelton were hurt. That makes this a two man race with Schouman probably destined for the practice squad. Expect Neufeld to win out.

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