Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I would've been wrong...

I had a "me" day. Yesterday, I looked at my calendar and I didn't have one thing scheduled for today. So I promptly called my favorite local spa and scheduled an appointment for a massage. On my way to the spa this morning, I realized how much I needed a pedicure. Luckily, there was a cancellation and as soon as I was done with my massage, I got my toe nails painted. Talking about a perfect day...

I was famished when I left the spa, so I decided to stop at Panera for some soup and a sandwich. The place was packed with all the other hungry people in Orchard Park. There was this woman in line ahead of me and she had like six kids with her, ranging in age from six to maybe twelve. These kids were in essence wrestling with each other in the middle of Panera, and I kept looking at this woman to see if she was going to admonish them or tell them to chill out. She never did. I couldn't believe it. She just ignored them and kept on ordering.

As I was looking up at the menu, all of a sudden a felt something hit my leg. It was two of the kids who had wrestled each other to the floor. Do you think this woman said anything? NOPE! And these super well-behaved kids - do you think they apologized? NOPE!

Now here is where I have a problem. Let's say the impatient, explosive Dawn of five years ago had gotten hit in the leg by those kids - all hell would've broke loose in Panera. I would've cussed the kids out, then I would've cussed the mama out for not watching her kids. But thank the Lord I've grown - I just said to the kids "come on now - chill out," and that was the end of it.

See, I would've been wrong if I had said anything to this woman about these out of control kids. My guess if I had really gotten into the kids, she would've been ready to get in my face. Now, if one of these rugrats had gotten hurt, she'd probably be ready to sue Panera or something. It was just unreal. If my son at that age ever acts like that in public, trust it will be the last time.

What a way to screw up a perfectly relaxing "me" day. Thanks lady.

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Aris said...

thanks for keeping your cool cuz there are times when my kids are on my nerves and I just need some me time