Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just call me Rosalie...

After a two week audition process, I've been cast to play Rosalie in a stage production of "Real Women Have Curves." The play will run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the first three weekends in October at the Alleyway Theater in downtown Buffalo.

I found out today that we'll be making a little money - and it is a little. Good thing that aspect of the production isn't that important to me. I chose to try out for this play because it's been years since I've done live stage work, and this play will provide a wonderful opportunity for me to add stage experience to my resume. It's a fun play - there's lots of comedy in it. Lots of female bonding. One thing does scare me though - have you ever been under those hot, unflattering stage lights? In a small theater like ours will be, the lights bring out the best and worst of the actors. Well, in the play, there's a scene in which we all strip down to our skivies. That's right - I'll be standing in front of a packed house in my drawls (as we like to call them back home). I better hit up the gym!!!!

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jac said...

The gym? Aren't you suppose to have curves? I think you need to have yourself a couple of burgers, girl!