Thursday, October 4, 2007

The excitement is brewing...

The Bills will play their first Monday night football game here in Buffalo next week for the first time in over a decade. Even more exciting is that we're playing the Dallas Cowboys. Check this out - Ryan started his NFL career with Cowboys in 1999. The 'Boys decided that Ryan should play fullback instead of tight end. Well, here we are years later and Ryan is playing fullback again. He's super excited about getting out there in front of Jerry Jones and showing him what he's capable of. Who knows? Jerry could have a change of heart and might pick Ryan up after the season. Then we could live at home while Ryan played. Now that's just too much like right.

The Cowboys are good - they are 4-0. It'll be a tough game, but a blast nonetheless.

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Ebonne said...

yes, yes, yes.... this game is going to be a good one... it was such a pleasure meeting you and ryan today.
And love the blog... glad to see a woman that loves football as much as I do. Check out my blogs if you get a chance.

All the best,

♥ Eb