Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just say "no!"

Fan chat rooms and message boards. For an NFL wife, they can be addicting. You want to see if there's any buzz about your husband. You're wondering if anyone's caught a glimpse of him doing something spectacular at training camp on a day you couldn't make it there. We're all nosey, and because our husbands don't fill us in all the time on what's going on, we rely on the news media and the all important fan boards to keep us posted. And that's all fine and dandy until someone says something bad about your man.

Over the years, posts have been both good and bad about Ryan. When he first came to Buffalo, he was often referred to as "camp fodder" - people thought he was just a camp body and that he wasn't going to make the team. Once he made the team, comments got a little bit better, but there were always people doubting his abilities. Now, in his fifth season with the team, I still read the occasional post about how bad he is. He has some support, but it seems as if there are always more people calling for his release. Good thing the coaches don't base their decisions on fan preference.

With the switch that's going to happen out there on the football field tomorrow, I can already anticipate what some of the message board posts will say. "Neufeld sucks - he got replaced by a rookie." "Neufeld's worthless - why has he been on this team so long anyway?" "Neufeld's days here are numbered - thank goodness!" I get my feelings hurt every time I read one of those posts. And knowing that they're coming, I figured it's a good time for me to go on message board hiatus for a while.

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