Tuesday, October 9, 2007

So what now???

The stage was set last night for a major upset. The 1-3 Bills took on the 4-0 Dallas Cowboys here in Buffalo. The weather was perfect and the crowd was pumped as the Bills were center stage on Monday Night Football for the first time in over a decade. The Bills had so much to prove and were playing with their hearts on their sleeves with the hopes of dethroning America's team.

The first three quarters were amazing. The defense stepped up in a major way and pummeled golden boy Tony Romo and the Dallas offense. Interception after interception, and even a Romo fumble, fueled the crowd of over 70,000 fans. We were all so hopeful - we were going to win. It was a great feeling.

When the fourth quarter rolled around, I got nervous. We were up 24-16, but our offense hadn't scored a touchdown up to this point. And we know how Buffalo likes to do things - a last minute field goal had already cost us a win earlier in the season. With that memory fresh in my mind, I just got quiet.

Sure enough, Romo ended up leading his team to a victory - the Cowboys kicked a field goal with seconds remaining on the clock. The final score was 25-24.

We've experienced a lot of losses throughout Ryan's career, but none have hurt quite like this one. We all stood in shock - we were so close to pulling of a major upset. To say it was devastating is a complete understatement. It was one of the best NFL games I've ever been to, but one I would soon like to forget.

We head into the bye this weekend still hopeful that we can turn the season around. We'll keep praying and hoping for the best.

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