Saturday, November 10, 2007

A night of celebration...

Last night we attended the Hunter's Hope Ball. It was an incredible evening. I just love getting all dressed up - I spend so much time in jeans and a sweatshirt chasing Will around that it's fun to get all dolled up and glamorous.

Hunter's Hope was founded in 1997 by NFL Hall of Famer and former Buffalo Bill Jim Kelly and his wife Jill. Their son Hunter was born with Krabbe's Disease. The disease claimed little Hunter's life back in 2005, but his legacy lives on through his parents' work with the foundation. They have raised millions of dollars to aid in the research and eradication of the disease, and they've also worked with state and federal government agencies to advocate for infant screening for diseases like Krabbe's. If you'd like more info, check out

The night wasn't without a little bit of drama though. I'm a sucker for a silent auction, and there was some awesome stuff up for grabs last night. I came across this kick butt scrapbooking stuff. I love scrapbooking - it's definitely my hobby. And for anyone who does it, you know how expensive it it! There were three baskets full of all kinds of stuff - albums, paper, computer software. So I decided that this was the item I'd be going home with.

With ten minutes left to go in the bidding process, I decided to go up and stake my claim. I noticed someone had outbid me. Not a problem - I just increased my bid and waited right next to the sheet. My competition surfaced, and I told her in my most friendly happy voice that I really wanted the item and that I was going to outbid her. She gave me a dirty look and walked away. I watched her though - she didn't go to far. Sure enough, with ten seconds left in the bidding, she makes a beeline for the bid sheet. When she moved, I moved. She scrambled as she tried to find a pen, and by the time she started writing, I'd already grabbed another pen and upped my bid. THREE, TWO, ONE! Time ran out, and as she tried to write herself in, the attendant came and grabbed the bid sheet (thank goodness I'd seen him a couple minutes earlier and pleaded with him to pick up that sheet first).

My competitive nature kicked in and I came away victorious. Of course, there's a woman somewhere in Buffalo really mad at me right now, but I suggest she work on her silent auction beat down skills!

I did get outbid on an awesome Brett Favre helmet - I only lost by $25!!! Hey, you can't win them all.


Barbara said...

That is so awesome! I'm right there with you on the scrapbooking obsession! Needless to say my husband has no say as to how much I can spend. He is in awe of how long I work on just one page! We should get together to scrap sometime (outside of cleaning, and maybe get the boys together to play!)

Wendy Hagen said...

Okay, that is hilarious that you were about to take someone out over scrapping stuff... although I too am a scrapper ... and competitive. Shooot, I just might have done the same thing. Especially for a good cause. Remember Keri Phebus? Here is the summary of what happened to her friend's kid, Jud (from their blog). SOOOO SAD:

"Call me 'Jud the Stud.' I was born Christmas Eve '04 & died Nov. 7, '07 at age 2 1/2. Starting May '07, I went from having normal function of my body, to being fully paralyzed, blind, mute, unable to swallow, & more. I had Krabbe disease, a rare, genetic, incurable leukodystrophy.

I am now in the arms of Jesus & remain deeply loved by many!"