Friday, December 21, 2007


I dread going to the movies on a weekend night. Without fail, there's a group of obnoxious young kids sitting at the top of the theater being, well, obnoxious. I know I must be getting old, because I much prefer to catch a mid-afternoon matinee so that I can avoid loud, rowdy kids interrupting the $10 movie I'm paying to see (factor in snacks and a babysitter, and the cost of going to a movie doubles).

Ryan and I decided to see "I Am Legend" this evening. It was good - very entertaining. But there were those pesky kids. In the back to the left of us was a rowdy group who couldn't shut up before the movie. Ryan went and told the movie police to keep an eye on them. A guy came in and said something to the kids - no more problems from them.

In the row in front of us and a several seats to the left were three teenage boys. With about 10 minutes left in the movie, when all was dead silent, one of them decided to pass gas for all to hear. That didn't make me mad or anything.

Finally, in the back and to the right of us was a young kid who decided to pull out and use a blow horn (you know, like the ones used to start races) right at the end of the movie. Ryan and I just kind of looked at each other and shook our heads. Well, the kid got away with it once, so he decided to try it again in the hallway. Little did he know that (a) the manager and a cop were right down the hall and (b) that I was a couple of feet behind him already annoyed with the obnoxious kids from the movie. The manager comes around the corner looking for the culprit, and I happily pointed like they do in the old crime dramas: "IT WAS HIM."

The cop goes after the kid and stops him right as he's about to exit the the front doors. Poor kid - his dad was waiting in his car for him at the curb and saw the kid get stopped. Oh boy - dad was not happy with his son at all. Ryan and I were pleased that we got some justice tonight. Obnoxious kids in the movie theater beware, I will tell on you.

Ryan did mention that he was that obnoxious kid when he was younger. I'm sure I had my moments. I specifically remember enjoying throwing popcorn at people from the back row. Pay back, I guess...

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