Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

The Neufelds rang in the new year in style! I was in sweats and a tank top with my ever growing belly protruding a little bit, and Ryan was in his workout shorts and a white t-shirt. Really glamorous, huh? As soon as we watched the ball drop, we gave each other a smooch and went to bed. We're getting boring and old. Gotta fix that...

My resolutions for 2008 are easier said than done - (1) try to stay within our monthly budget and (2) work out at least three times a week (which was one of my broken resolutions for 2007). We'll see how these go.

Will has his own resolution - he's going to learn to pee on the potty, hopefully sooner rather than later. He spent a good amount of his winter break sitting on his plastic choo choo train potty... with no luck. We'll keep at it though and see how things go.

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