Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back from the west coast!

We spent the past week in San Jose, California visiting family where we got a brief reprieve from the dreariness of Buffalo in wintertime. There is something to be said about mid-to-upper 60-degree weather without a cloud in the sky - that's why people in Cali pay the big bucks! I'd forgotten what it felt like to sit in the sun and just chill! We were quickly put back in our place when we got home to Buffalo last night. It was chilly. There's still some snow on the ground. And it rained all day today. Lovely.

I'll write more about our trip, but I wanted to share some amazing pics of Bean. Yep, Bean. We had a 4D ultrasound while we were in California. On our first visit, we didn't have any luck getting any shots. The wee one had his or her hands crossed over its face the entire time. We even left and went to the mall where I gorged on anything sweet and junky I thought might get the baby moving with no luck. I was REALLY tempted to find out the sex of the baby but ultimately decided against it. Heck, we've held out this long - what's a couple more months?

We were able to go back on Monday and were actually able to get some pics of the little one. People wonder how I've managed to stay so small this pregnancy and now we know why! Bean is pretty much rolled up tight in a ball. At one point, baby had it's foot in it's mouth. I noticed that the baby didn't seem to have any hair on it's head and the tech confirmed it - as of right now, baby is BALD! The technicians still had a rough time getting great shots - the baby was still crossing it's arms in front of it's face. And the tech actually had to take these shots through the placenta because of where it is. But here are a couple of the better shots we were able to get.

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Lynn said...

Those are GREAT Dawn!! What a sweet little face. (and foot...and arm...)