Sunday, March 9, 2008

My little talker

As many of you know, we've been dealing with Will's developmental delays since he was little guy. He was around 18-months-old when he was first evaluated because he wasn't really speaking. He began early intervention services shortly thereafter - speech therapy, occupational therapy - you name it. Here we are several years later and we're finally starting to see and hear some amazing things from Will.

Over the past month or so, Ryan and I have noticed that Will was more present and responsive to his surroundings. He's responded to his name more readily. He follows simple instructions. Then just this past week, we started hearing some random words coming from. Mangos, strawberries, milk, juice, tickle, pacifier - these are just a few words that Will started using on his own and within the proper contexts. He's repeating so many words. It seems like every day, he is blowing us away with something new.

Well, he's started communicating to us when he's got a dirty diaper. He'll come say "did you poop" and sure enough - dirty diaper. And he and I actually had our first conversation today. I was getting Will dressed for church. Our convo went like this:

Will: Go bye bye.
Me: Yep.
Will: School?
Me: No, church.
Will: Church.

It was a simple conversation, but our first nonetheless. For a parent who has been waiting years to have a convo with her kid, it was a really special moment for us and hopefully, the start of many more to come!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on Will's progress AND the upcoming birth! I know you and Ryan are excited about it. Lisa and I wish you guys well as you embark on your the next phase of your lives. But before you get out of town, remember we have a raincheck to cash on that dinner date!


Amy Metz Walker said...

Dawn, I'm a friend of Sammy's and actually met you a few years back at a Bible study he had at his house in Frisco. Your recount of Will's conversation with you brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet success...I will pray that you continue to see more and more every day!

And congrats on both the pregnancy and the modeling representation! That's great!

Hope you don't mind I've been keeping up with your blog!

Amy Walker