Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feeling cheeky!

I had an ob check up on Monday - the doc said I was still measuring a little small and he wanted to get an ultrasound done just to check and make sure that baby was growing okay, there was enough amniotic fluid, etc. I went in this morning and got a glimpse of the little one. All is fine with Bean - baby seems to be measuring around 5lbs 13oz. My due date is May 28th and the measurements today put it around June 2nd. No biggie - what's a couple more days, right? I was so worried they were going to tack on a couple of weeks to my pregnancy. But size-wise, baby is fine.

Baby is, however, breech. Bean's head is located between my ribs (which explains a lot in terms of the really bad pain I've been feeling right under the right rib cage), and he or she is facing down (or backwards) with it's back running along the front of my belly. It's bottom is planted firmly in my pelvis, which explains the increase in sciatic nerve pain this time around. And the legs keep kicking away at my pelvis - yeah, that feels good. I'll spend the next five weeks doing what I can on my part to get this little one to turn though - I'd like to avoid a c-section if at all possible. It's going to be hard enough packing up and getting ready for a move after birthing a baby period. I can't imagine how much more difficult it will be if I'm recovering from an operation!

But here's a cute picture from the ultrasound today. Focus on the lower left corner of the picture. You can clearly see baby's forehead, nose, mouth and cheek! The right side of the face is in the shadow though. I keep cracking up at how fat that little cheek is. Too cute! This is the only shot the technician was able to get - Bean was once again not cooperating for pictures. Oh, and the tech said Bean finally has hair, and a lot of it. That would totally explain my rampant heartburn over the past couple of weeks.

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