Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bryn's two week check up

Bryn had her two week check up the other day, and little mama sure can eat! She gained 10 ounces in one week! Woo! Her weight was up to 7 lbs 1 oz. We'll have one more weight check before we head down to Texas. Bryn has to get an ultrasound on her pelvic region before we go though - it's routine for breech babies. They need to make sure there aren't any abnormalities caused by Bryn being in that position for so long.

We had our first professional photo shoot with Bryn this week. The photographer included some of the session pics on her blog:

Scroll down a little to see our little angel. Miss Bryn decided to pee on me during the shoot, but I was fast and was able to quickly move her away from my body so she didn't get my outfit! It was funny. You'll notice Will is absent. We made the decision to focus on Bryn and get some great newborn pictures of her. We plan on taking some family shots when we get back to Texas.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bryn's first bling!

My friend Leah is amazing - she's pimped out a couple of my football jerseys over the years. When I found out Bryn was a girl, I contacted Leah right away - Bryn needed her first bling!!!

Leah created these for little mama - just adorable! It may be hard to read because of the flash, but it says "drama queen" in reference to all the drama she gave her mama during my pregnancy and her birth.

You can check out Leah's website at

Bryn's first bath

Bryn had her first bath last week - and it was a quick one! Little mama did not like being in the water at all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

What's in a name???

A couple of people have inquired about how I came up with little mama's name. Here's the official explanation...

When I was in college I was a supervisor at the pools on campus. One day, I had to supervise a sorority event. The contact person for the sorority was it's president, and her name was Bryn. I just fell in love with the name. I said back then, probably 10+ years ago, that if I ever had a daughter, I'd name her Bryn. The name has stuck all of these years, and I still love it!

If we'd had a girl or boy, this baby's middle name was going to be Everett. If you recall, Ryan's teammate Kevin Everett was severely injured during a game back in September (consequently, it was around the time we found out we were pregnant). Having experienced first hand Kevin's perseverance and miraculous recovery from such a traumatic event, we knew instantly that giving our baby Everett as a middle name would be a constant reminder of how amazing God is and how awesome Kevin did in his recovery. The name is very symbolic of so many things for us, and it seemed very appropriate and meaningful to give the name to baby.

So there you have it. On an exciting sidenote, we accomplished a major task today - we managed to get Will and Bryn in a picture together!!! Hopefully this is the first of many!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Mama is a week old already!

Wow, time sure does fly - Miss Bryn is already a week old. And a busy week it's been!

We took our first trip out on Tuesday so I could go to my doctor's appointment for a post c-section check up. Everything looks good on my end - I'm healing great. I couldn't help getting a little emotional as we were leaving my doctor's office though. This man successfully delivered my two children. He's been my doctor for five years! I have one more appointment with him next month and it will be hard to say goodbye. He's a good dude.

Yesterday, we took Bryn to her first week appointment at the pediatrician's office. She weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz - great news because she's almost at her birth weight! Only 2 more ounces to go. We go back next week for another check up. He pediatrician didn't hear a heart murmur - WOO! Great news. We also went over a delayed vaccination schedule for Bryn. Bryn is going to be vaccinated, but we're not going to bombard her little body with the shots usually recommended. The pediatrician was supportive. Now we just have to find a pediatrician in Texas who will agree to the delayed schedule as well.

Bryn is something else. She's got her days and nights mixed up. She sleeps all day, then she's up every 1.5-2 hours at night to eat. She's a really mellow baby though. She only cries when she's hungry or when she's getting her diaper changed. Her umbilical cord fell off today, so it looks like she'll be having her first bath sometime this weekend. Pictures to follow!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Our first night home

Heading home from the hospital...

Overall, Bryn did well last night. As expected, she was up a lot, especially between 11 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. I finally put her in the bed with me and she ended up sleeping for 2.5 hours! After a 5 a.m. feeding, she went back to sleep. We were both in deep sleep mode when I got an early morning wake up call from our new next door neighbor. At 7 a.m., I heard the familiar thumping of rap music emanating from the walls. SERIOUSLY!?! It's 7-freakin'-a.m. in the morning!!! I was livid! I came downstairs and asked my mother-in-law if she heard it. Having never lived in an apartment before, it kind of scared her because she didn't know what it was. LOL! Bryn slept through it of course, but I was up for the day. Ryan is now poised to go over there at some point this evening and ask the new guy to keep it down at ungodly times of the day. Hopefully tonight (and tomorrow morning) will be a bit quieter.

Anyway, here are some more snapshots of our princess...

Big brother in his new pajamas...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're home

We finally made it home today! Woo! Miss Bryn has been sleeping most of the day, which leads me to believe that she's going to be a typical baby on her first night home - she's going to be up all night!!! I've gotten sleeping pills in the hospital the last couple of nights and Bryn's been in the nursery, so this will be our first all-nighter together. We'll see how it goes.

Bryn is doing great. She's a champion nurser which is nice - it was much harder with Will. She's a bit jaundiced, but nothing to really be concerned about. She still has that little heart murmur, but it should correct itself over time and isn't anything to worry about.

I didn't post yesterday because I felt like crap. I was experiencing some major stomach cramping. And I'm anemic, so I was exhausted all day. Today has been better, but I'm afraid I'm not being still enough and will pay for it later.

We introduced Will to his baby sister at the hospital yesterday. He did great. He was a little curious, but also standoff-ish. You could tell he wanted to look at the baby, but his body language suggested he wanted to keep his distance.

He's been the same since we've been home today - just keeping his distance and doing his own thing. The good news is that we thought he'd completely flip out and try to attack her. Good thing we were wrong about that!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Looks like Bryn is going to be released from the NICU sometime this evening! We're just waiting on some culture to come back from the lab, but she's doing so well. She's doing everything a two day old newborn should be doing - eating, pooping, burping and sleeping! We're so proud! We're planning on getting Will up here tomorrow sometime to finally meet his baby sister!

The cardiologist called and Bryn's EKG is normal. We may have to go see him in or month or so to make sure the murmur is gone, but as of right now, it's nothing to worry about.

As for me, today was rougher than yesterday. I've been really, really tired and in a lot more pain. I finally had to ask for a shot of the good pain medication (Motrin just wasn't cutting it) and it knocked me out for a bit. That really helped. I continue to try and take it easy. Everyone keeps asking me if we're going home tomorrow. I don't think so - I think we're going to go ahead and stay until Sunday (totally taking advantage of the 4 days my insurance pays for) because I know me - I'll get home and try to be superwoman. And I know my son - Will will continue to try to use mommy as a jungle gym. I'm not ready for all of that yet.

Going to lay back down for a little bit. Will have another update later!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Woohoo - Mercy Hospital in Buffalo is wireless - I love technology.

Bean, aka Bryn Everett Neufeld, is here!!! Bryn was born yesterday morning at 10:43 a.m. butt first via a c-section. She is 6 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches long! It's amazing how much she looks like her big brother!

I still can't believe we had a girl. I swore up until yesterday that this little one was a boy. Nope. All girl. So many people told me it probably was a girl since baby caused so much drama during this pregnancy.

True to form, our little drama queen made her appearance into the world with some complications. Normally, babies breath about 40 times a minute. Bryn was puffing away at around 100 times a minute. Little ones born via c-sections usually have some respiratory issues so this wasn't unexpected. Bryn was taken to the NICU and put on a CPAP machine to help force some air into her lungs. An x-ray revealed that her lungs were in fact a little premature. Bryn also had a feeding tube inserted. So I didn't get to hold our little girl all day yesterday. It was really tough.

On top of that, Bryn is a little anemic, which means we'll have to keep an eye out for jaundice. As of right now though, she's fine.

This morning, Bryn was doing much better. They removed her from the CPAP and her breathing is back to normal. Now, if we can get her to eat well for the rest of the day, she'll probably be able to leave the NICU. They've already removed her breathing tube, so that's good news. They did hear a heart murmur though and ran an EKG. The pediatrician doesn't think it's anything serious but we should hear more this afternoon. We were able to hold her for a while this morning and I'll get to try to nurse her in a little while. She's just the sweetest little thing ever. I'm totally in love.

It's so funny though - she totally has a bit of a dent on the side of her head where she had her little head pressed against my ribs for the past couple of months. It's so cute.

I'm feeling well and recovering great from the c-section. I didn't get much sleep last night because I had compression garments on my legs that squeezed throughout the night. I should be unhooked from everything sometime today. My doc said during the c-section that I have nice abs, so that'll help with my recovery!

Here are the first pics of Princess Bryn. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's time...

My bags are all packed and I'm ready to go. Tomorrow morning at 7:15, we'll be heading to the hospital to have this baby. Unreal!!! I have no doubt I'll spend tonight sleeplessly tossing and turning in anticipation of tomorrow's events. But it'll be so worth it to finally meet Bean!

It was a gorgeous day in western New York and we spent some time outside this afternoon. Here's one final mat shot...

And here's one of Will desperately trying to cover up my belly... still...

And finally, one of our little daredevil enjoying some play time in the backyard. You see, jumping off the slide is so much more fun than sliding down like a regular kid...

Monday, May 12, 2008

The final countdown!

37.5 weeks - all dressed up to attend a fundraising gala for Will's school

It's hard to believe that less than 48 hours from now, I'm going to be a new mom again. I'm experiencing a mix of emotions - I'm excited, nervous, scared, anxious. I'm so excited to finally meet this little person - to find out if Bean is a girl or a boy. My little one will finally have a name - an identity. Up until now, it's just been this thing moving around my belly causing me drama, kicking me in my bladder and causing my ribs to burn. I think that's the one negative of not knowing the baby's sex this pregnancy - it's definitely been harder for me to bond with baby. So we have some catching up to do when he or she arrives.

I spent a good portion of Mother's Day yesterday nesting. Bean is going to be sharing the master bedroom with us until we get back to Texas. I was overcome with the need to clean up and get rid of some of the clutter. Two trash bags later, I realized how much crap can pile up over the years. My room is now spotless and ready for Bean's arrival.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I've got to do some laundry, pay some bills and pack for the hospital. Ryan's mom is coming into town for the next couple of weeks to help us out (thank goodness), so we've got to get ready for arrival. Tomorrow night, I'll have Ryan take some final belly shots and spend the rest of the evening enjoying being a parent of an only child.

I've got to teach Ryan how to upload information to my blog. As far as I know, the hospital I'll be delivering at doesn't have wifi or anything, so I'll be relying on Ryan to post updates and pictures. We'll do the best we can to get info posted as soon as possible.

The final countdown - baby is almost here. I can't wait!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

No luck

The version didn't work today. I was so hopeful it would, but this baby didn't budge. It was the most horrible pain - it feels like I've literally been punched over and over again in the stomach. So a lot of work for nothing - we've scheduled a c-section for next Wednesday at 10 a.m. Of course, this little one can decide to flip a somersault before then, but it's not looking good.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Turn baby turn

I had my 37 week appointment this morning. Baby is still happily and comfortably breech. On Thursday, I'm heading to the hospital where my OB will attempt a version - he will manually try to turn the baby so it's head is down. From what I hear, the procedure is pretty painful and uncomfortable - I'm not looking forward to it at all. But if it works, it'll be worth it.

The success rate is about 50/50. My doctor said if they can't turn the baby manually, chances are it won't turn on it's own in the next couple of weeks. At that point, we'll look at scheduling a c-section. Definitely not something I had planned or wanted, but if it has to be done, so be it.

And oh yes, there are complications associated with a version. My water could break, I could go into labor, I can start bleeding. Guess I better pack a bag for the hospital just in case I end up staying and Bean decides it's time to reveal his or herself!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Buffalo Nursery

Yep, this is it. Exciting, isn't it?

36.5 weeks pregnant

Ryan set up Bean's Pack N Play this evening. We're trying to keep things to a minimum here since we'll be packing up and heading out shortly after baby is born.

It's crazy to think we're just weeks away from this little one's arrival. I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday morning and will post an update. At my last appointment my doctor said I was measuring small. As you can see from these pictures, I don't think that's much of a worry at all.

Baby still feels breech - so I'll chit chat with my doctor a bit about what our options may be in terms of trying to get this one to flip a somersault. I'll keep you posted on any progress.