Friday, May 16, 2008


Looks like Bryn is going to be released from the NICU sometime this evening! We're just waiting on some culture to come back from the lab, but she's doing so well. She's doing everything a two day old newborn should be doing - eating, pooping, burping and sleeping! We're so proud! We're planning on getting Will up here tomorrow sometime to finally meet his baby sister!

The cardiologist called and Bryn's EKG is normal. We may have to go see him in or month or so to make sure the murmur is gone, but as of right now, it's nothing to worry about.

As for me, today was rougher than yesterday. I've been really, really tired and in a lot more pain. I finally had to ask for a shot of the good pain medication (Motrin just wasn't cutting it) and it knocked me out for a bit. That really helped. I continue to try and take it easy. Everyone keeps asking me if we're going home tomorrow. I don't think so - I think we're going to go ahead and stay until Sunday (totally taking advantage of the 4 days my insurance pays for) because I know me - I'll get home and try to be superwoman. And I know my son - Will will continue to try to use mommy as a jungle gym. I'm not ready for all of that yet.

Going to lay back down for a little bit. Will have another update later!


JdeLou said...

That is FANTASTIC news! I have had some of my prayer warriors praying with me for Bryn!
Take care!

Wendy Hagen said...

Man being in the hospital postpartum (when you have another one at home) is like a vacation! Stay there as long as you can!