Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Mama is a week old already!

Wow, time sure does fly - Miss Bryn is already a week old. And a busy week it's been!

We took our first trip out on Tuesday so I could go to my doctor's appointment for a post c-section check up. Everything looks good on my end - I'm healing great. I couldn't help getting a little emotional as we were leaving my doctor's office though. This man successfully delivered my two children. He's been my doctor for five years! I have one more appointment with him next month and it will be hard to say goodbye. He's a good dude.

Yesterday, we took Bryn to her first week appointment at the pediatrician's office. She weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz - great news because she's almost at her birth weight! Only 2 more ounces to go. We go back next week for another check up. He pediatrician didn't hear a heart murmur - WOO! Great news. We also went over a delayed vaccination schedule for Bryn. Bryn is going to be vaccinated, but we're not going to bombard her little body with the shots usually recommended. The pediatrician was supportive. Now we just have to find a pediatrician in Texas who will agree to the delayed schedule as well.

Bryn is something else. She's got her days and nights mixed up. She sleeps all day, then she's up every 1.5-2 hours at night to eat. She's a really mellow baby though. She only cries when she's hungry or when she's getting her diaper changed. Her umbilical cord fell off today, so it looks like she'll be having her first bath sometime this weekend. Pictures to follow!!!

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