Friday, May 23, 2008

What's in a name???

A couple of people have inquired about how I came up with little mama's name. Here's the official explanation...

When I was in college I was a supervisor at the pools on campus. One day, I had to supervise a sorority event. The contact person for the sorority was it's president, and her name was Bryn. I just fell in love with the name. I said back then, probably 10+ years ago, that if I ever had a daughter, I'd name her Bryn. The name has stuck all of these years, and I still love it!

If we'd had a girl or boy, this baby's middle name was going to be Everett. If you recall, Ryan's teammate Kevin Everett was severely injured during a game back in September (consequently, it was around the time we found out we were pregnant). Having experienced first hand Kevin's perseverance and miraculous recovery from such a traumatic event, we knew instantly that giving our baby Everett as a middle name would be a constant reminder of how amazing God is and how awesome Kevin did in his recovery. The name is very symbolic of so many things for us, and it seemed very appropriate and meaningful to give the name to baby.

So there you have it. On an exciting sidenote, we accomplished a major task today - we managed to get Will and Bryn in a picture together!!! Hopefully this is the first of many!!!


Derek & Charyl said...

I love those pictures:) Derek and i were wondering if you guys wanted to BBQ Sunday, if its nice or something. Send me a text. Have a good day girl.

JdeLou said...

Soooooo Sweet!

Kimberly said...

Congratulations Dawn & Ryan! I heard from Holly that the baby girl is here! I can't wait to meet her!

sammy said...

i really like the name bryn and think thats pretty awesome how you guys came up w/ everett.