Saturday, June 21, 2008

4 a.m.

Our big garage sale starts in about 5 hours and I'm still up getting ready for it. I resigned myself to the fact early yesterday that I'd probably be pulling an all-nighter to sort through and organize all of our goods. I figure I can make it until this afternoon when we check into our cozy two bedroom suite at a nearby Residence Inn. I'll sleep then while Ryan keeps an eye on the kids. But for now, I'm all business.

I'm taking a little break right now - I made about 30 trips up and down the basement stairs retrieving the mass of Will's old toys we plan on selling. Some of it is still down there because I've run out of room in the garage. We'll get that stuff when we open up the garage doors and see the minions of early birders who are sure to camp out to make sure they get the best deals even though my ads explicitly stated that we didn't want to see anyone before 9.

When this break is over (i.e. when I'm done pumping), I'll head back downstairs and finally sort through all of Will's clothes that I plan on selling tomorrow. That will be quite the task and will keep me busy for another couple of hours.

And wouldn't it figure that Miss Bryn is in la la land and sleeping like a champ?!? Of course...

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