Sunday, June 15, 2008

Little Mama at one month old!!!

The sleepless nights and busy days of the last month have gone by so fast - at least it seems that way. Miss Bryn is doing awesome - at her four week weight check she weighed a healthy 9 lbs! I told you she was an eater. Besides having some puking problems (last night we had our first episode of projectile vomiting - I think she just ate too much and it ALL came back up) she's doing great. The ped's office even called yesterday morning to let us know that her newborn screenings all came back normal! YAY! That's good news. The state of New York tests for 40+ childhood diseases - another great reason for us to have both kiddos in this great state. I think Texas only tests for around 20.

Bath times are much better around here - Bryn loves the warm water. Baths are now a part if our nightime ritual.

Here are a few pics of Will enjoying the bounce house during our party on Thursday...

And finally, I'll get my first taste of single parenthood with two kids for the next couple of days and it's freaking me out!!! Ryan just left to head to Texas with the car and the two cats. He'll be back Wednesday. Until then, I'm riding solo. It'll be tough having to get Will to and from school everyday because Ryan usually does that. But we'll manage. Did I mention I have to pack this week too? Should make for an interesting and busy week!

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