Monday, June 16, 2008

"Mommy's Here!!!"

Single parent duty is kicking my butt. Ryan left yesterday morning to drive the car and the cats to Texas. He'll be back Wednesday evening. In the meantime, I'm balancing parenting two children alone for the first time while trying to pack and it's tough! I'm absolutely whipped right now - just exhausted.

Ryan's been taking Will to and from school everyday this past month - this is one errand I've actually really missed since having Bryn. Will is fun in the car - he likes to sing songs on the radio. There's nothing like hearing him sing "No Air" or "Umbrella." It's music to my ears!!!

I got a special treat when I picked him up from school today. He was sitting at the table with the other kids eating pretzels when I walked in. He looked at me and shouted "MOMMY'S HERE!" before running over to me and jumping into my arms! Ryan said Will does this with him (of course, he says daddy and not mommy) but it was just so sweet and special. Again, this is a kid who just a couple months ago was practically nonverbal. I wondered back then if he would ever actually call me "mom." Well, he does, and it makes me happy. Treats like these are a refreshing departure from the kid I've nicknamed "Little Lucifer" because of his (sometimes) devilish behavior. He really is the sweetest kiddo in the world (when he wants to be) but boy can those horns come out!!!

I practically cried all the way to the car realizing again how far Will has come this year. He has just a couple days of school left and it's killing me. We're leaving this incredible school where he's receiving the most wonderful services to head home to a school district that doesn't offer any programs remotely similar to what Will is in now. It will be interesting to see what services we are finally able to secure for Will back home - I'm very, very nervous.

In the meantime, I've already got Will scheduled for a couple of evaluations next week so we can try to keep his services going. Ryan and I figure we'll take whatever the school district gives us then we'll supplement privately if we have to. Will is enrolled in a three week summer camp program as well, so we'll do what we can to keep him busy and in an environment where he'll continue to work on his skills.

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