Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend ramblings

It's Sunday. I was sitting at the table this morning eating a bagel and sipping coffee when Ryan came downstairs ready for church. He and Will have been going the past couple of Sundays while Bryn and I slept in. Well, I was up. Bryn was up. And I felt like I really needed some inspiration this morning. We decided that today would be Bryn's first trip to church. We were out the door thirty minutes later and made it to church just a little bit late.

Isn't it amazing how some days, it seems like the pastor knows just what you needed to hear??? I've been struggling a bit lately with our impending move and with the fact that Ryan's career is still up in the air (in addition to other things that are stressing me out). Today, the pastor talked about perserverance and how important it is to seek God during the tough times. He suggested a simple phrase to use in our moments of weakness to get our minds back on Christ - "For this, I have Jesus." It really hit home with me and I'm glad I made it to church today.

So here is baby girl in the cutest little outfit for her first trip to church. Mind you, we've had Texas weather here in Buffalo this weekend and it's been hot and humid. Bryn was definitely ready for summer...

This afternoon, a miraculous thing happened - both my children decided to nap at the same time. I used the opportunity to tackle our basement - sifting through five years of stuff just piled up has been a real challenge. But I knocked it out and am ready to start packing up the contents of the house now that I have a place to store everything downstairs.

So take a look at this...

This is three year's worth of Will's clothes. Yep. I think there are 15 of them (there are some piled behind these two piles). While I was pregnant and nesting, I went through all of Will's clothes and organized them according to size. This is the aftermath - bin after bin after bin of baby boy clothes that I'll never use again. These clothes will be a main attraction at our garage sale in a couple of weeks - hopefully someone else will get great use out of them.

After I cleaned the basement, Bryn and I got dressed and headed out for a girls' get-together at the Melting Pot. Some of the wonderful women who've blessed my life here in Buffalo wanted to throw me a going away dinner. I love these ladies. They really are the best and they are going to be tremendously missed.

And I only cried a little bit. I hate goodbyes.

On to tomorrow - Ryan's playing in the Dipaolo golf tournament while I'm home with Bryn. Hopefully I can get some more packing done. Will will be at school which is when I try to get a good amount of the work done - oh, here's a great pic I got of him on Friday...

I love this shirt - totally fits his personality these days.

And because I know you just can't get enough, here are a couple more snapshots of Bryn. Or should I say BYRN - at least that's what her birth certificate says. That's right. So I'll be on the phone tomorrow trying to figure out how to get the misspelling fixed on her birth certificate.

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lindysgal said...

Hi! Just got home from work and was unwinding on the computer. So sorry I had to miss the Melting Pot outing, I would've loved to have been there! We'll try to stop by on Thurs.