Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blame Canada!!!

Well, Canada isn't to blame, but I have to point the finger at someone!! Okay, I'll point it at Atlas Van Lines. That's the company we hired to ship our packed up lives from Buffalo to Texas. They picked up our stuff on the 23rd of June. I started getting nervous last week when no one could seem to give me an ETA for our stuff. Sure enough, I call today and it appears our stuff is sitting in a warehouse in Canada! YEP - CANADA! The driver is expected to load up our stuff Friday, but then he still has a couple more pick ups in New York before heading to Texas. Contractually, Atlas is supposed to have our goods here by this coming Monday. They already told me that ain't gonna happen. If you know me, you know that I'm not happy and that I let the customer service rep know so today. Unreal. So don't hire Atlas for your next move or your stuff may end up in a warehouse somewhere!!!


Raven said...

It won't matter which of the incompetent(add the rest) you hire, they are all the same. And sad to say, they are probably buying time b/c of damages to your things!!! I hope not, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

sammy said...

i wish you somehow recorded that convo with the rep! i bet it was priceless!

...actually i suggest calling back over there and have a 'do-over'