Friday, July 11, 2008


Our stuff finally arrived today! SWEET! I'm so glad it's here and finally out of Atlas Van Lines' control. Let me tell you...

So the truck pulls up and the movers start unloading our stuff - OFF THE BACK OF THE TRUCK! I'm not kidding you - some of our stuff was on the outside of the truck covered by a tarp. I couldn't believe it. As soon as I find my stupid camera cord, I'll upload a picture. It's pretty unbelievable and so not cool.

At some point, the movers put our bowling balls in our defrosted freezer. Not a good idea. There was some water in the freezer, so there is mildew on the bowling balls and the freezer. All will need to be replaced.

And poor Ryan - he meticulous hung his super expensive suits in a wardrobe, only to have the movers flip the box upside down and put other items in the box like Will's high chair and step stool.

And there are some things missing. Filing this claim isn't going to be fun at all. I reiterate - DO NOT HIRE ATLAS VAN LINES FOR YOUR NEXT MOVE!!!!!!!!

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