Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My wobbly bits...

I recently read a blog that referred to the "wobbly bits" of a well-known actress. Clad in an itty-bitty bikini, the actress looked strikingly normal with cellulite on her thighs along with a little jiggle - amazing what some airbrushing and clever wardrobing can do to hide those wobbly bits. It made me wonder though if that actress obsesses as much as I do over my less-than-toned parts these days.

I'm still fighting 5-10 lbs. of baby weight. I have been less than diligent in my quest to get back into the gym, but I'm working on it. Unfortunately, this means none of my summer clothes from last year fit. Even more unsettling for me is that even though I was able to pull on my 7 for All Mankind jeans yesterday, my pudgy tummy was hanging over the sides and I was sporting a dreadful muffin top. ACK!

I have to admit, I certainly don't look horrible. Ryan is loving all my new curves (I reminded him that if I stay at this weight, I'll have to replace my wardrobe - I don't think he'd be too happy about that). People have complimented me on how good I look for having an 11 week old child. I'm often reminded of the theory that it took me 9 months to put the baby weight on, so I can't expect to lose it quickly. But I feel all at of sorts right now and I want my body back.

The lawyer in me wants to present you with some evidence to bolster my case. Yes, I'm about to expose my wobbly bits. I had Ryan take some "after" pictures (as in 'body after baby' pictures) this evening. We'll compare those to my 'before' pics. This is why I'm all in a tizzy these days.

The after pictures...

And the before picture, which I can proudly say has not been retouched!

It's amazing what difference 10 lbs can make. But I'm working on it. Really. Gotta get rid of these wobbly bits!!!


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

First of all, you look great and I am cracking up laughing that you posted "evidence" as you call it.

Now, lets get serious here. Ryan is probably loving the curves because 9.5 of the extra 10 lbs you mentioned are in your boobs.

I, personally, would gladly take the extra 1/2 pound of muffin top to have great boobs. Right now I'm a legit training bra size, my A's are a little too big.

You look great! Quit will be gone before you know it (and you're the only one that is focused on it)!

Dawn said...

You're too sweet Amy and just being nice! LOL. I keep telling Ryan that the second I'm done nursing I'm going to lose five pounds quickly, and yep, it's all in the boobs.

Latisha Clardy said...

Okay, let me be the first to hate on you. Yes...I'm being a hater. My youngest is about to turn 6 and I still have his baby fat hangin' off of my...well...everything!!! So, be proud of your little pooch and your humongous boobs. You look great!! Listen, trust me when I say look great. All you have to do is watch "You Are What You Eat" on the BBC and you'll understand what I mean.

So, listen. Don't hate on yourself. Give yourself some time to adjust to the stresses of new motherhood and moving. The weight will fall off in a couple of weeks and you'll be back to your America's Next Top Model body by next month.

Lil' miss is just too cute, by the way.