Sunday, July 27, 2008

The perfect Sunday morning

It's almost 9 a.m. and I've been up for little over half an hour. I'm sitting here drinking my cup of coffee in a quiet house (with the exception of an occasional cat purr coming from the laundry room). Ryan was on daddy duty last night and he and Miss Bean are still sleeping. I can tell he's been up twice from the number of empty bottles on the sink. And believe it or not, Little Lucifer, I mean Will, is still sleeping! Of course, this means I can expect he won't be taking an afternoon nap, but oh well. That translates into an earlier bedtime.

My house is quiet. It's quiet. I can type on the computer without being interrupted by Will dragging me towards the pantry for some strawberry crunchies. I can drink my cup o' coffee without an infant attached to me or crying. Ah, a little peace of heaven on a beautifully sunny Sunday morning.

Needless to say, give it some time and I'm sure all hell will break loose. It's supposed to be 105 degrees today in Texas - hot damn! And according to the forecast this morning, we'll be in the 100s all week. Little Lucifer, I mean Will, will wake up shortly - he spends most of his days screaming and crying. And Miss Thang will wake up and only want mommy. No joke - every time Ryan holds her, she starts crying. I think his feelings are starting to get hurt. And the cats, oh the cats. They spend most of their day being chased by Little Lucifer, I mean Will. Yoda is smart enough to run and hide, while Winston just sort of takes it when Will lays on him or picks him up and throws him. Now, either Winston enjoys being tossed around by Little Lucifer, I mean Will, or he's a dummy (I'm guessing the latter). Which, in turns, means we spend a good portion of the day chasing Little Lucifer, I mean Will, who chases Winston until we finally put Winston in the laundry room where Will can't get to him which means more noisy purring coming from the cat who is tired of being put into the laundry room for his own safety. Whoo. It's always fun in the Neufeld house.

So we'll see how the day turns out - but for now, it's quiet. I'm going to get another cup of coffee.

Wait, not so fast. I think Will is up...

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