Friday, August 8, 2008

Any word yet???

Ryan gets a text message every couple of weeks from a friend with a few simple words in it - "Any word yet?" He's been sending Ryan these texts since Ryan's contract expired with the Bills March. And the answer is always the same - "No, not yet."

With summer camps around the country in full swing and the beginning of the football season right around the corner, we've been getting this question more frequently lately. The answer is still, "No, net yet." It's hard not to get discouraged by the silence. It's weird how every time Ryan's phone rings, there's always hope that it's the call that someone has finally contacted Ryan's agent with interest. His agent has reassured us that he's hard at work and that teams are indeed interested and that Ryan is on their "radar." But what does that mean exactly? What it means is that Ryan will play this year if a spot opens up on a team (i.e. someone gets hurt and they need a replacement). So it very well could be a long season of waiting.

Ryan amazes me. He gets to the gym every day and works out as if he was still on a team. Our friend Craig Nall lives nearby - he's a free agent quarterback who played with Ryan in Buffalo. The two of them get together several times a week to throw and workout together, even in the 100 degree heat. The disicipline Ryan exudes is just amazing. He's going to be ready when a team calls - no doubt about that.

I have to be honest about one thing - I don't miss the stress of training camp whatsoever. Normally this time of year, Ryan's in two-a-day practices. I scour practice reports to see if he's mentioned. I wait for his call to tell me he's okay and that he didn't get hurt. We'd anxiously wait on cut down days for a phone call (that thankfully never came in Buffalo). I DO NOT MISS THE STRESS OF TRAINING CAMP AT ALL!!! And I love that Ryan is home to spend this valuable time with his kiddos. I'd hate for him to miss all of Bryn's firsts. We cherish this time where neither of us is forced to work. We can enjoy being home with each other and our family.

So keep those prayers coming. Something is bound to happen. Someone will call. And when they do, I'll be sure to let you know about it!!!

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