Friday, August 15, 2008

Making progress

A couple nights ago, I found myself downright depressed.  Faced with the ongoing task of unpacking and settling in, I realized I missed Buffalo.  In that instant, I would have much preferred to have been back in Buffalo in our rented townhouse than home here in Texas.  You see, Buffalo was our home for 5 years.  It's where our friends are, where the best school in the world for Will is, where our trusted babysitters are.  Here, we're still living out of boxes.  Everything is out of whack and disorganized.  It just doesn't feel like home.  Not yet, anyway.The good news is that we're slowly making progress on the house, and that's helping with my mood a lot.  For example, when we first got home, I decided I hated our bedroom set.  I thought it was too big for the room and even had trouble sleeping in there.  Surprisingly, as we cleared out boxes and could actually take in the space, I decided the bedroom set wasn't so bad after all.  It's really nice actually.  I'm certain that it will take us a while to really feel settled and for this house to start feeling like our home.  But it looks like we should be completely unpacked by the end of the month.  Our garages are still full with boxes, but most of them are full of donations for charity that will be picked up on the 27th as well as some stuff that needs to be trashed.  With the work Ryan and I did today, I'll finally be able to get my car back in the garage for the first time since the movers arrived with our belongings.My major coup this week was to set up Will's playroom.  We have an office at the front of the house that will eventually become our library/music room (we plan on putting a baby grand piano in there some day).  But for now, it's Will's playroom.  Will was so excited to see all of his toys and books.  And that cozy rug is from Ikea - he pulled some books off the shelves the other day and just laid there looking at them.We're getting there, slowly but surely, but we're getting there.Will's playroom!

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