Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back from Los Angeles

There's a silver lining in Ryan not being on a team right now - we were able to attend UCLA's football alumni reunion this weekend in Los Angeles for the first time since Ryan entered the league back in 1999. In addition to enjoying all the fun alumni activities like attending football practice at UCLA, Ryan hanging out with all of his buddies at their guys' night out, and attending the game on Monday where UCLA upset Tennessee, we were able to spend some time with the family, and that always translates to good times.

It's funny though - Ryan and I hate going back to L.A. We're spoiled here in Texas with our big ol' house, clean roads that lack graffiti, etc. L.A. is just so different from the city I knew growing up. Every time we go back, we know that it's just not home anymore. How crazy is that? It cracks us up when people say that want to move there. Besides the weather and beach, it just doesn't make sense to us. And for the record, it was hot out there this weekend! Way hot - in the 90s in the valleys. Sure it's a little more humid in Texas, but I can deal with it, for sure!

As usual, I have to give Southwest Airlines props. That airline is just great. We had smooth, on time trips both to and from Los Angeles. The flight attendants were incredibly helpful. And it was kind of funny at LAX - the supervisor who is featured on the show "Airline" totally helped us tag our strollers for the trip. That was kinda cool.

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