Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finding the perfect fit...

I read in a magazine once that a woman usually has to try on ten pair of jeans before finding the perfect fit (unless you're like me - I know that 7 For All Mankind jeans fit, so that's what I go with). I thought about that statistic this morning as I was sitting in a service at a local church. I wondered if its going to take ten fittings before we find the right church home now that we're back in Texas. With the way things have gone so far, it just might.

We attended a wonderful church in Buffalo. It was the right mix of good preaching and contemporary worship. Ryan and I were both happy there. One thing we're not lacking here in Texas is churches, so we started trying them out as soon as we got home.

The first church we visited is pastored by a well-known preacher. Our first visit there, I noticed that the congregation seemed older and, well, White. Not that this is a make or break issue for me, but diversity has always been important to me and I hate going to a church where I can count the number of other Black attendees on one hand. The church has a magnificent choir - there has to be 300 people in this choir. The sound they produced was ethereal. Problem is, they busted out hymns. Again, not that this is a make or break issue for me, but I'm a contemporary worship-type girl, and worship to me is incredibly important because it's when I feel closest to God. Well, Ryan absolutely LOVES this church and would be over-the-moon thrilled if I said today that I wanted to make it my church home. Unfortunately, I think it is a tad bit too conservative for my taste. That was confirmed for me today when the pastor all but endorsed Sarah Palin from the pulpit (I'm not her biggest fan). I think it's time to keep looking.

We've visited two other churches here in Frisco. One of the churches (that we'll call "the Baptist church") was interesting. Again, I had a problem with the worship. The "band" seemed as if they just showed up that morning and asked each other what they wanted to sing without any sort of rehearsal. Again, worship for me is important, and I knew right away this wasn't the church for us.

We attended another church that got me SO excited when I pulled into the parking lot one Sunday. The first thing I noticed was how young the attendees appeared. Then I noticed that there seemed to be great diversity - young and old, Black, White, Latino. Maybe I was onto something. I was excited. But then church started. I can best describe it as church on crack. The music was so loud I thought I was at a rock concert. The pastor was fun and dynamic, but I wondered if that's what I wanted every single Sunday. I knew right away that it was going to be too much for Ryan and that we'd have to keep looking.

So the search continues. We've "tried on" three churches so far. Hopefully we won't have to try on 7 more before finding our church home.


Suzy said...

I wish you the best of luck and patience in your search for a new church home. My experience is that it can be harder to find a church than a house or neighborhood you want to live in. My mom went through the same as you when she moved to Allen recently…and she agrees, there seems to be an unlimited supply of churches to take on a test drive. I hope you find a great fit, and soon.

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Have you tried Hope Fellowship in Frisco? (, I think?) I'm laughing b/c it might be the one you referred to as the "rocking" one, but if not...their praise and worship usually starts out pretty loud & upbeat and then really comes down to get you into the spirit of worship before the pastor starts talking. They are young, pretty diverse (maybe not quite enough yet but they are working on it), and the pastor is both a great teacher and hilarious!

If you haven't visited it yet, you might try it. Churches ARE a LOT like jeans though, I have to person's perfect fit doesn't mean its the perfect fit for you, for sure!!!

Let me know if you try it...or maybe you already have! ha!