Friday, September 5, 2008

Lots going on...

Our internet connection's been down the past couple of days and I've been at a complete loss! LOL. I'm not sure how we ever functioned without all of this technology, but we did. Now that I'm back online, I'm trying to catch up on the 40 emails in my inbox and the latest news on! I feel so out of touch!

It's been a crazy busy week and I'm glad it's finally over! Ryan managed to get a stomach bug. I've tried to convey to him that he actually needs to stay away from the children because Lord knows that if they get sick, mommy will be the one taking care of them.

I had to try to prepare for our second rehearsal for the "The Bite." I have to say - I was a bit disappointed in myself. I worked on the script, but didn't have enough time to really get as acquainted with it as I would've liked. I ended up messing up lines and fumbling too much. And I was having problems even reading off of the teleprompter! Eeks! It's amazing what lack of sleep can do to you. It's all good though - we actually start taping next week and I'm so excited. I'll be ready (well, that's barring any other illness, poop catastrophes, etc.)...

Many people have asked how we're doing with the NFL season commencing this week. Honestly, it's tough. It is so strange watching pro football on t.v. and looking over and seeing Ryan sitting next to me. That hasn't happened too often in the recent past. We are still so hopeful that something will happen this season and that Ryan will get picked up. If he doesn't, that's okay too. I actually heard of a good friend yesterday dealing with some MAJOR NFL politics and I can honestly say that I don't miss that part of the game whatsoever.

Bryn and Will are keeping us entertained. Bryn is on the verge of her first roll over. She manages to get on her side then she gets stuck. It's too funny. And Will (or Poop Master) - I SWEAR that kid said "come here mom" to me this afternoon before I took him to school. I wanted something out of the pantry. So naturally I stopped everything to see what he wanted (chips). We're starting to hear more speech emerge. He'll say "soap" when he's in the tub. I asked if he wanted yougurt the other day. He repeated "yogurt" and even had a couple of bits before realizing he'd had enough. Hopefully he'll keep progressing - these baby steps give me so much hope!

I'm reading Jenny McCarthy's book "Louder Than Words" about her struggle with her son Evan and his autism diagnosis. What an amazing read. It's with me always and when I get spare moments here and there I fit in a couple of pages. I applaud her "tell it like it is" approach - she's so candid, real and relatable. She makes me feel like we can get through this.

No big plans for the Neufelds this weekend - just laying low. And that's a good thing! Momma's tired.

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Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Ha! I know what you mean about feeling lost when you don't have the internet. I've had several days since I've been in Germany when I've had no access and I felt like having a melt-down!

Oh, and I the way Jenny McCarthy writes!