Saturday, October 11, 2008

Date night...

I had a very important date night on Saturday - with Will!!! My handsome date and I went to the annual Frisco Mother-Son dance. It was fun getting all dressed up for my little guy. And he got all dressed up too - a crisp, clean Burberry collared shirt that he promptly spilled soda on when we got to the dance. LOL. But he didn't care.

Will just sort of took everything in. I could tell it was a bit overwhelming for him - he did a lot of stimming (focusing on his fingers and sort of blocking out his surroundings). I'm guessing a lot of the other moms might've thought he was dancing. But he was so sweet. We were sitting down at one point and he turned to me with puckered lips and gave me a kiss. It's the first time he's ever initiated a smooch. And during our slow dance (to What a Wonderful World), I couldn't help but get a little emotional holding my little guy. He gave me a hug. He's such a sweetie.

I look forward to going back next year. Unfortunately, my camera conked out, so here is the ONLY picture I got that evening. Bummer!

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Suzy said...

Oh Dawn, what a wonderful evening for the two of you. As always, you look amazing. Will looks great.