Thursday, October 2, 2008


I don't know if it's a coincidence, but we are seeing some really positive changes in Will since starting him on the casein-free diet this week. He's been extremely attentive (which can be difficult at times - he is very aware when mommy or daddy are leaving the house and he doesn't like it too much) and he's repeating everything! We're also hearing more spontaneous language being used in appropriate contexts. We're hopeful that he will continue to surprise and delight us!!!

This evening when I was giving him a bath, we played a game we've played numerous times before that involves me squirting soap on his knees, toes, etc. It usually involves me doing most of the talking and Will quickly washing off the soap in the water. Tonight was different. I started off with putting soap on Will's hands - he said "hands." He then held up his leg and said "knee" indicating that he wanted soap on his knee. He went on to say feet, toes, elmo (elbow), delly (belly), shoulders, nose and ears. WOW! I couldn't believe. And he smiled the whole time. It was awesome.

And Ryan had a funny experience with Will this afternoon. Ryan had folded some towels and left them on the kitchen table. Will knocked them off, and when Ryan told Will to pick up the towels, he said Will said "you" and took of running! Ryan said all he could do was sit there and laugh.

We took Will to see the biomedical doctor yesterday. He gave us supplements to start giving Will, but we can't start administering them until we collect three pee samples from Will for testing. We've been trying for a week and it's not going that well! Keep your fingers crossed for us. We also will have to give Will B12 shots twice a week - yeah, not looking forward to that too much. But if the shots are going to help bring my baby boy back, then so be it.

Hopefully I'll have plenty more stories just like these to share in the near future. GO WILL! My mission for this weekend is to teach him how to say "nuclear" correctly...

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