Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's Will-ism

Since Will continues to blow us away every day with his progress, I figure I need to start sharing some of his daily Will-isms. You know, for moms of normally developing children, these small things must seem so trivial. For us, they are major and worth celebrating.

Today we were at a place called Gattitown. It's like a Dave & Buster's for kids. Will was on a ride and when it stopped, he said "push the button!" I almost started crying. It means Will is making the mental connection that when the ride stops, you can push a button and it will go again. Now I just need to teach him that the ride costs money!

Some other highlights from today:

*Will grabbed my hand this afternoon and said "come here." He pulled me over to the cupboard and said "I want banana please." Unfortunately, we didn't have any because he had already eaten two today.

*At the chiropractor's office, Will came up to Bryn who was wearing a little beanie and said "hat."

*Most interesting though is the fact that Will's been walking around all day saying "Let's Go Buffalo!" Interesting, since no one has said that in our household since last December!

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Shanel, Brenden, Logan said...

That is such awesome news!!! Every time my boys make a 'normal', even if small step of progress makes my day so keep sharing!