Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I'm thankful for...

Last year around this time, we met a wonderful little boy named Owen at a charity event in Buffalo. Owen wasn't a healthy little guy - he'd been in and out of the hospital for most of his young life. He had tumors everywhere. Yet, he smiled. He was so happy and full of life. I remember speaking to Ryan on our way home that night about how meeting Owen would forever change our lives.

I learned recently that little Owen passed away a couple of months ago. I pray that his family is at peace, especially during the holidays when we seem to miss our loved ones more than any other time of year. I hope they know that Owen was an amazing kid and that he changed people's lives.

I thought about Owen today. We took the kids to the Ft. Worth zoo for a little pre-Thanksgiving fun. There were kids everywhere! Will seemed to be having a blast, especially in the children's play area. I was thankful in that moment that he's here - that he's not sick like so many other little kiddos are. In spite of all of his issues, Will is our little angel, and I will never, ever take him for granted.

Which brings me to his Will-isms for the day.

*I'd bought Will a ball in the gift shop on our way out of the zoo. When I handed it to him, he replied "What is that?" Again, he responded appropriately and in context - a major plus for our little guy.

*Even more amazing is what happened when we got home. I broke out the camera show Will some of the pictures I took of animals today. I showed him the first picture and asked him what it was - he correctly responded "ELEPHANT." I showed him the next picture and again we got a correct response - "LION." So I said, "Okay smart guy - if you can name this animal, you're just going to blow mommy away." Sure enough, he hit the nail on the head by identifying the "FLAMINGO." I seriously teared up. This is a major accomplishment for Will. He's identifying objects and things correctly - an important stepping stone for the rest of his development!

What thrills me is that we've yet to implement the new treatments his biomed doctor gave us a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to see what incredible improvements we see after that!!!


Anonymous said...

Dawn, how amazing for your little guy!! I'm so happy for you both.
He looks soooooooo handsome in that pic :)


Kembree said...

Hi Dawn, I'm friends with Neisha and I was checking out her blog (she never updates!) and I saw your comment and checked out your blog, I saw that your husband played for the Bills. My boyfriend was there for a little while (a training camp) and said he at some point shared a locker with Ryan! Small world! Your kids are beautiful!! I hope I dont sound like a creepy blog reader..Happy Thanksgiving!