Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A little hope going into the new year

Sorry for the lack of posts, but the holidays kept the Gridiron Goddess just as busy as everyone else. We spent five days visiting Ryan's family in California for Christmas. It was quite strange really - it's the first time we've been able to visit either of our families for Christmas in years because Ryan was usually playing and we couldn't make the trip. It was definitely bittersweet - it was great to be with family for the holidays, but it was a reminder of Ryan's current employment situation.

This past weekend marked the end of the 2008 NFL regular season. It is still hard for me to believe that Ryan didn't get picked up this year. When we got word several weeks ago that the Arena Football League was folding for the 2009 season, I panicked a bit. You see, that was Ryan's back up plan. Ryan's now faced with a serious dilemma - continue to pursue an NFL career or hang up his cleats for good. He's decided to give it a couple of months in the offseason to see if he gets any interest from any teams. If by the end of February or March he hasn't heard anything, he may be ready to throw in the towel. It will be a sad ending to a wonderful and blessed career, but let's hope we're not there yet!

Now, onto the latest on Will's insurance issues. I finally spoke with the supervisor at our insurance call center who was much more helpful and concerned than the guy Ricardo I'd spoken to. Here's where we stand. We are going to be submitting a letter from Will's ENT in Buffalo who performed both of Will's ear tube surgeries. The letter I received states that Will's recurrent ear infections are quite likely to be the cause of his delays and that he feels Will's speech therapy is medically necessary. We'll submit this letter and hope that it will suffice to provide evidence of an underlying medical condition (the recurrent ear infections) for the purpose of our appeal.

If that doesn't work, I did find out some additional information. Cigna is bound by state law mandates, and since the state of Texas mandates insurance companies pay for autism treatment for children diagnosed on the spectrum, they would be bound to pay. According to the supervisor, the NFL also complies with and recognizes state mandates. If we have to get Will officially diagnosed to get his services paid for, then so be it. Problem is, once that diagnosis is made, it will follow him for the rest of his life and that will certainly lead to all sorts of issues down the road.

So we'll see - there's some hope that we have what we need to get Will's services paid for. I'll keep you posted.

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Kembree said...

Totally understand the football thing around the holidays. They just dont know what to do with themselves..but it will start getting normal and actually really nice to do what you want for most of the year and not be on another schedule, especially with your kids I bet!! :) Ya'll have a happy happy new year!