Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Neufelds visit Santa

Today was the day we decided to take the kids to see Santa. We went to a mall in Plano where they have a huge Polar Express snow globe exhibit. We decided to eat first - big mistake. You see, Santa goes on his dinner break from 5-6 p.m. Had we gone to visit Santa before dinner, maybe things would've gone more smoothly. But nope - we had to eat and so did Santa, so when we showed up at 5:15 for pictures, we quickly realized we'd need to wait. And wait we did.

We finally reached Santa around 6:45. Bryn had already puked on her shirt, so we quickly changed her. She usually goes to bed around 7, so she started getting cranky. When she cried, Will cried. We were on the verge of all hell breaking loose. Ryan and I came to a meeting of the minds that we wouldn't force Will into the picture. Sure enough, he decided he wanted nothing to do with Santa. Bryn wasn't too sure at first, but we finally got a small. We finished off our family Santa trip with a picture in front of the Polar Express.

I am so glad that's over!

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Kembree said...

Very cute pictures, your family is beautiful!