Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today's Will-ism

It was COLD in Texas today - like, Buffalo cold. It was in the 20s and we had snow flurries. Since Texas schools can't handle that weather, class was cancelled. I worked today and when I got him this afternoon, Will brought me his shoes and handed me my car keys signaling to me that it was time to go. I'm not sure if he wanted to go somewhere in particular, but he wanted to get out of the house! LOL. It was very sweet. So he and Ryan took a trip to the store.

An insurance update - Cigna is tripping me out. I called today to ask how long we had to file our appeal. The rep I spoke with said she had called the claim representative asking them to put a hold on the appeal we'd already authorized. HOLD UP - we hadn't officially authorized an appeal. I literally hung up with her and called Ryan and had him fax a letter to the insurance company saying that we had not authorized an appeal and that we would be filing an official appeal when we are ready. This company is just SHADY!!!! Now they are ignoring procedural safeguards that are in place. My next step is to find out who I can contact at the NFL to discuss some of the issues we're having with the insurance company!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe bringing it to the attention of a larger number of people would help your cause. Contact as many people as you can, as many news stations in your area as you can, and see if anyone would be interested in doing a story on the topic.

It is a very heart-warming story and grabbed my attention quickly. I am sure there are others like me as well that may be ale to help you in your fight. Good luck.