Friday, January 16, 2009

Answered prayers

Ryan and I have recently started agonizing about what to do with Will. While he's made some improvements, he's still so far behind where he needs to be for a kiddo his age. We are sure that the 3 hours of instruction he's getting per day now is not intensive enough to really make a difference. Couple that with all the insurance hassles over his speech therapy and it's become a real source of stress.

We've been looking into putting him in private school that might better deal with his issues, but at a cost of anywhere between $15,000-40,000 per year, that's a lot to deal with, especially since our bank account is quickly decreasing and both Ryan and I are currently unemployed with no real job prospects on the horizon.

Well, I got a call yesterday from Will's teacher and she asked if I could come by Will's school. It's never good news is it when a teacher wants to speak with you in person? I just happened to be home and available yesterday because Ryan ended up getting sick with some sort of stomach bug (hence, no bar review which was about all the stress I could handle for one day). Will's teacher informed me that she thinks it would be a good idea for Will to transfer into Frisco ISD's TLC program, which is an intensive, full day (8a - 2pm) language-based program fro kiddos like Will. Without being able to call it such, it's the autism classroom. My heart sunk, because this is yet another confirmation for us that Will has got some serious issues (not that we're in denial - it just never helps to be reminded of them) and that he's not ready to be in a "normal" class.

The plan is to transition him into a new room before year's end - we'll see how quickly we can get that done. No doubt this will be an adjustment for us all, but we're excited about the possibilities this will provide for Will. I think he'll finally be receiving services similar to those he was receiving in Buffalo, and that makes us happy! Talking about answered prayers though - this alleviates the need to incur the expense of putting Will in private school, and will also affect the need to continue private speech therapy services once he's in the new program. So overall, good news!

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Barbara said...

I am so happy that he will be recieving a more intensive learning/classroom environment! My heart sank a little when he was in the half day classes, knowing in my heart he would do great in a full day class. While you might think that it will be hard on him - being such a long day - it really isnt. It will be GREAT for him, get the services he needs, the therapy will be right there, and the socialization with more kids for a onger time will improve his social/language skills, as well! Mikey has been going full day classes at summit since he turned 3 - and thru the summer too - He loves it, i love it, he is doing great from all the therapy he is getting. Will will do such a great job! I bet the will do potty training too :o)