Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's a good day

I was sitting in a ridiculous boring Secured Transactions bar review lecture this morning when my phone rang (thank goodness it was on silent). I don't get many calls from blocked numbers, so when I do, I always check the message immediately to make sure it's not important. Well, the call today was important - it was a representative from our insurance company with news about the appeal I filed regarding Cigna's denial of Will's speech therapy.

I am happy to report that they've approved our claim! Any speech therapy that Will received will be covered (which means we'll be reimbursed for the massive check I wrote last month to cover the services). This is such an answer to prayer - I can't tell you how many hours I spent arguing on the phone, compiling our written appeal, etc. It felt so good to get some good news for a change. The lady on the phone probably thought I was crazy because I burst into tears.

The ironic part of the story is that as of last week, we actually cancelled Will's private therapy since he was starting his new school. He started today and will be getting plenty of speech-related services in school. It feels so good to check this area of stress off of my mental list for now.

On a side note, we took the kiddos to an ENT yesterday and looks like Miss Bryn is getting tubes soon - yeah, 4 ear infections in 8 months suggests this is a good thing. Will keep you posted on those developments!


Hilary Kennedy said...

Hooray! That's wonderful. Praise God...He is so good. I am thrilled to hear this news.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the ruling in your favour! It is really great news and very deserved.

I am sorry to hear about Bryn however. I had ear tubes when I was very young as well. Just stay positive about it.

ryan and laura said...

glad will is doing well and that's he's in a good school - it's so hard to try and deal with insurance issues but if anyone can do it you are the one!

kate just got tubes yesterday! I've waited for so long and was really hesitant for her to get them. we started working with an ent almost 9 months ago then again out in buffalo this last season. she actually had surgery scheduled and i cancelled it - finally it just wasn't fair for her and we got tubes. it was such a simple procedure and the dr said she had serious chronic infection that they had to suck out - it's still draining bloody puss but at least it's not rupturing anymore! she feels great and has been bouncing off the walls all day! good luck with bryn!