Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sorry for the delay...

But Bryn's surgery went great. She and Ryan were actually on their way home the other morning as I was slowly making my way to bar review class in the Dallas traffic. She seems to be doing great and is even back to sleeping through the night. She was easily waking three or four times during the night, so this is a wonderful development for everyone!

Will is doing so well in his new school. He came home yesterday with two bags full of Valentine's Day toys and goodies. He made a couple heart necklaces in class. I'd put mine on and he pointed right at the heart and said "heart." I was just thrilled when I heard that.

And he did something pretty incredible today. He said the word orange and then spelled it. You have to know that I can't wait until I'm done studying for this test so I can get to work on that little guy - I think we've got a soon-to-be reader on our hands.

Speaking of studying, I'm in crunch mode. With a little over a week before my test, I'm on virtual lockdown. I spent 9 hours today going over family law (did you know that up until recently, you could legally marry your first cousin in Texas?) and I'll be up for several more hours foraging into community property. Ryan and I have decided to celebrate Valentine's Day next month - no time for love today (unfortunately).

And with the stress of everything, I tweaked my neck the other day and am now on a rotation of hydrocodone and muscle relaxants. I will get through all of this!!!!

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Kembree said...

You will now have to teach him Go Big Orange!!, so he can be a TN fan ;) That's great progress!!