Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring break

It's spring break here in Texas, and the weather is definitely cooperating! It's been in the low 80s and just awesome! Definitely a departure from what we've been used to in Buffalo the last five years.

We took the kids to the zoo on Monday and had a blast. Will wasn't too interested in the animals, but Bryn seemed to be mesmermized! It's pretty funny because she has this little 'fro thing going on with her hair these days. It's way too early to start putting product in it (although I've thought about it because it's just a mess - he he) and she pulls the little bows out I use to try to tame the madness.

This afternoon, I took the kiddos outside in the backyard for some water table play - I had to set up both water tables because Will was trying to pour water into a contraption but kept missing it and threw the water all over Bryn instead. Both seemed to enjoy themselves though.

And tonight's final update is all about Will. For those who are wondering why I don't post more pictures of Will, he's going through a "no photos please" phase and is completely shunning the mamarazzi! However, something very exciting happened over the weekend - Will had his first flag football practice! We received a postcard in the mail about a league for 3-5 year olds. I emailed the director and explained Will's issues and asked if it would be okay if Will participated. He told us to bring Will on out! Will wasn't really too interested in all that was going on, but he participated, albeit reluctantly. Hopefully as the weeks go by he'll pick up the routine and start to have a little fun.

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ryan and laura said...

look how old you kids are! so cute!